New Jersey Lawyers Assisting Victims Of Work-Related Injuries

Anyone who has suffered a work-related injury should immediately report the injury to their employer. The employer is required by law to report the incident to their insurance carrier who will refer you to a physician. You are entitled to medical care, temporary disability benefits if you are out of work and a permanency award should you be found to have suffered a permanent injury.

If you are involved in an accident on the job or if a wrongful death has been suffered to your loved one, the lawyers of the Law Offices of Shelley L. Stangler, P.C. can help. Ms. Stangler has more than 30 years of experience helping individuals obtain just compensation for their injuries. Her practice is devoted to assisting individuals such as yourself and your family.

Types Of Work-Related Injury

Workplace injuries can come in many forms, including:

  • Construction injury
  • Injuries from defective machinery or tools
  • Exposure to mold
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals, causing occupational asthma or other conditions
  • Repetitive stress injuries, such as carpel tunnel syndrome or other nerve injuries
  • Injuries from lifting, bending, pulling or pushing due to heavy manual work

Our cases also involve conveyor belts, packaging systems, die cut, express mail service accidents, unguarded mechanisms, nip points, lock of guards, forklifts, tow trucks, food service equipment, boxes, presses, home appliances, landscaping equipment, power equipment, drills, nail guns, saws and many other dangerous products.

Providing Personalized Service To All Of Our Clients

In all our work, including workplace injury cases, our law firm is designed to be client-centered. Understanding that clients cannot afford to pay attorney’s fees, we charge nothing until we win clients compensation and we offer free initial consultations.

Our lawyers, including Ms. Stangler and attorney of counsel, work hard to keep clients informed about all developments in their cases. They prepare clients thoroughly, are very responsive to clients’ concerns, and are always honest about the strengths and weaknesses of a case.

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