Help For Victims Of Professional And Medical Malpractice

Professionals have certain standards they must uphold in their work. Not only must physicians, surgeons, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals uphold a certain standard of care, attorney, accountants, engineers, architects, brokers, and other professionals also have a responsibility under the law to do competent work.

If professionals fail to meet these standards, and their clients and patients are hurt as a result, then professional malpractice lawsuits can result. Injuries can range from physical injury and wrongful death to financial loss in the case of accounting or broker malpractice.

The Meaning Of Malpractice

It is important to recognize that a bad result, in and of itself, is not the basis for a malpractice suit. A professional might have used reasonable judgment or rendered adequate care and still have a poor outcome for their patient or client. The law does not require a professional to be held to a standard of perfection; rather there must be a deviation from a standard of care that is generally defined as a reasonable standard among professionals practicing in the specific area. In addition, any malpractice must be the direct cause of the injury (i.e., a delay in diagnosis and treatment of cancer may or may not cause additional complications).

The law requires that an affidavit of merit be filed once you start a malpractice lawsuit. The affidavit must be provided by a competent expert. Virtually all malpractice cases require the use of expert witnesses, often more than one. The failure to obtain the affidavit of merit will result in a dismissal of your case.

Malpractice Cases Require Both Experience And Resources

Medical and professional malpractice cases are complex and hotly contested. They are generally extremely expensive to pursue. Unfortunately, there are many times when a good experienced lawyer will have to turn down a case because even though there may be malpractice, the injuries, or damages, are insufficient to make the case economically viable to pursue.

The Law Offices of Shelley L. Stangler, P.C. has extensive experience dealing with professional malpractice of all kinds. The firm has the experience and resources to take on even the most complex litigation against the most powerful opponents. We only represent plaintiffs, never insurance carriers or corporate interests.

Our law firm does all malpractice work on contingency, meaning that we do not charge anything until we win clients compensation. In certain cases, we may request partial costs to support an initial expert review.

Contact Us If You Have Suffered As The Result Of Malpractice

As is true in all our work, our malpractice attorney maintain a client-centered focus, giving their personal attention to each case and remaining fully available to clients. In a free initial consultation, one of our lawyers will carefully go through the potential strengths or weaknesses of your malpractice case. Contact us online or call 877-267-9907 to set up an appointment at our Springfield, New Jersey, law office.

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