Helping You Recover Compensation From Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises free of obvious hazards such as slick floors, debris, snow and ice accumulation, uneven surfaces, parking lot pavement with large holes, merchandise falling from shelves, etc. Under certain circumstances they may also be responsible to protect the public from known criminal activity such as theft, known as “failure of security” cases. If they neglect such dangers, and a person becomes injured or suffers losses as a result, they are liable for the injured party’s medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage and any other expenses arising from the accident.

The attorney and staff of the Law Offices of Shelley L. Stangler, P.C. know how to help victims of such accidents receive fair compensation. Slip, fall and security injury cases, which fall under the category of personal injury law known as “premises liability,” can be very serious and are often contested by shopping centers, large grocery chains, national hardware operations and other nationally operated stores and commercial businesses. Ms. Stangler has the experience and resources to take on any slip and fall case, against any opponent.

Our law firm pays the costs involved in taking these types of cases to court. Our lawyers work on contingency, meaning that we charge clients nothing unless we win compensation for your injuries.

Shelley Stangler: Compassionate to Clients, Aggressive to Their Opponents

Attorney Shelley Stangler has spent more than 30 years assisting those who have suffered injury due to negligence. She does not represent property owners, insurance carriers, shopping centers or other corporate organizations. With each new client, she carefully breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of their case, and throughout the duration of the lawsuit, she is always compassionate and responsive to their concerns.

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Contact us online or call 877-267-9907 to set up a free initial consultation with a lawyer who can handle your slip, fall or security case. Evening appointments are available. We have a legal assistant who speaks Spanish, and our lawyers can come to visit clients in their homes or hospitals. We have law offices in Springfield, New Jersey and New York City. For your convenience we can arrange to meet you at a location near your home.

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