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The Law Offices of Shelley L. Stangler, P.C. represents individuals battling against insurance companies and other large corporate interests or organizations. Ms. Stangler believes that every individual should have the same access to competent legal help as those with substantial financial resources. She strongly believes that the contingent fee structure, which allows a person without financial resources to hire competent experienced counsel, helps level the playing field between the wealthy and powerful and the individual. She also knows from experience how difficult it is to navigate through the process of dealing with medical bills, obtaining important documents, and getting the government, a corporation or a hospital to properly investigate an incident and supply records and reports.

Many of our past personal injury clients have suffered tragic, catastrophic injuries because of another’s negligence. Ms. Stangler has successfully handled high-profile litigation, including defective seat belt litigation, as well as police misconduct and wrongful death cases.

Dedicated Representation In A Wide Range Of Personal Injury Cases

In personal injury, our law firm offers free initial consultations and works on contingency, meaning that we charge no fees until we win clients compensation. Our injury lawyers deal with a wide range of personal injury cases, including:

Auto accidents, including injuries sustained in car crashes, truck collisions, motorcycle wrecks, and more.

Work-related accidents, including all kinds of on-the-job injuries, such as exposure to toxic chemicals, burns, back and neck injuries from lifting and manual labor, fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome and other nerve injuries and injuries from defective equipment and machinery.

Construction accidents, including all types of injuries and deaths caused by unnecessarily dangerous work sites.

Falls/premises liability, including injuries sustained because of slick floors, parking lot pavement with large holes, merchandise falling from shelves, etc.

Defective machinery and products, including injuries due to dangerous industrial equipment, conveyor belts, seat belts, air bags, auto designs, and more.

Medical and professional malpractice, including injuries caused by substandard care from physicians, surgeons, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals, as well as attorney, architects, engineers, accountants, and others.

Upon taking a personal injury case, Ms. Stangler personally sits down with each client and discusses every detail thoroughly. Each client is completely prepared for each step of the litigation and investigation process throughout the duration of his or her case. Our lawyers are as committed to the compassionate, responsive treatment for their clients as they are for aggressive, skilled work on their behalf.

Contact Us If You Or A Loved One Has Been Injured In An Accident

Please visit this web site’s contact page to set up a free initial consultation with our lawyers. You may also call us at 877-267-9907. We have flexible hours, and can meet with clients in the evenings. Our attorney can also come to a client’s home or hospital, and we have a legal assistant who speaks Spanish.

Our personal injury law firm maintains law offices in Springfield, New Jersey and New York City. For your convenience we can arrange to meet you at a location near your home. We travel throughout New Jersey and make appearances in courts around the state.

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