Paralegal: Melissa Figueroa

It’s not just lawyers who make your case a success…or who make things happen. Support and in-office staff are critical to the success of your case. We train and expect our staff to be attentive, pleasant, professional and competent. We know that the attitude of the receptionist, secretary or paralegal reflects on the attorney and the law firm.

Melissa holds a Paralegal Certificate from the Horizon Institute in Linden, NJ and has been with this firm for almost nine (9) years. She has an intimate working knowledge of the files and is responsible for the administrative operation of the office.

Melissa is fluent in Spanish.

What does the Paralegal do? Melissa knows what is needed to investigate a case. She will obtain the records and documents necessary to prove and establish your case. Whether it be lead poisoning records, medical records, information on product defects, code violations, investigation into the location of a witness or defendant, government records, autopsy, school records, police records or many other type of documents she will pursue the often difficult talk of getting them. She also handles your medical bill problems and property damage in automobile cases.

Melissa is responsible for all filing and handling of litigation papers, exhibits, applications to the Court (motions), and document discovery (providing information to the adversary) as well as all basic office operations. She is an integral part of the firm.

Photo of Melissa Figueroa

Our Practice Areas

Civil Rights Litigation

Police Misconduct
Personal Injury
Employment Discrimination
Education Law

Defective Products