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Civil Litigation Attorneys In New Jersey

Shelley L. Stangler, ESQ, is committed to protecting your civil rights against government misconduct and to standing up for the interests of accident victims who are injured as the result of negligence.

Ms. Stangler’s litigation practice covers a wide spectrum of legal issues from pursuing civil rights claims brought by individuals to the aggressive pursuit of compensation for the injured.

Shelley L. Stangler, has a proven track record. Her civil rights work has led to significant settlements in police and jail misconduct cases. She has helped accident victims recover compensation in a number of significant and complex personal injury cases. She also serves as an effective advocate in matters concerning employment discrimination and education law, both in general education and special education, at local, state and federal levels.

Success Beyond The Trial Courts
Ms. Stangler’s victories in appellate relief include two cases heard in the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is the highest level before the Supreme Court of the United States. One was in the area of special education. One involved a sucide in a jail and is a precedential opinion, meaning that the case becomes acknowledged law in this Circuit, which covers New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. It is an honor and privilege to argue before the Third Circuit, which is seated in Philadelphia.

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Personal Injury
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Serious Injury, Civil Rights, Employment And Education Attorney In New Jersey

Protecting Individual Rights. Holding The Government Accountable.
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A Proven Litigator And Client-Focused Attorney

Shelley Stangler is diligent and detail-oriented. She has the necessary resources and network of experts needed to take on complex cases against municipal entities, big employers, major corporations and large insurance companies. She primarily helps individuals, and she believes that regular people are entitled to the same level of competence and advocacy as powerful corporate or insurance interests.

Ms. Stangler is committed to providing personalized service to all of her clients. She invests the time to listen to the clients’ concerns, review the facts, and explain the strengths and weaknesses of their case. Her clients are kept up to date of any developments as their cases move through the administrative process or court system. We prepare them for depositions, negotiation and all aspects of litigation, making ourselves available to answer questions at any time. We always treat our clients with compassion and respect.

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When your rights have been violated or when you have suffered serious injury as the result of negligence, we are here to help. Call Shelley Stangler at 973-379-2500 or contact us online to arrange a consultation. Evening appointments are available by request and we provide Spanish-language services. With office locations in Springfield and Manhattan, we serve people throughout northern New Jersey and provide representation in select cases in New York.

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